Powerbeam develops Software, Firmware, Electronics, and complete products. This is powerbeam

Advanced Engineered Projects

PowerBeam is a technology development company highly experienced in Robotics, Software, Firmware, Electronic systems, PCB, and product design.

PowerBeam has done work for many companies, small and large, including:

ThermoFisher Scientific
Velo 3D
Deep Sentinel
Nautilus Biotechnology
Johnson & Johnson
SensThys Sense This World

Why hire us?


We all want the same thing:
Work done, well, on-time.

Flexibility Because things change
and... No Drama.
Experience We will design about 20 PCBAs this year, we did last year and the year before. They work, our firmware works, our software works.
We are good
to work with
Most of our customers are repeat.
We deliver with pace We can put engineers on projects in parallel.
Predictable schedule Our project methodology emphasizes detailed planning.
We unload you Fewer meetings, less management. We manage many projects each year, so you don’t have to.

This is what we do


Electronic Design Design

  • PCB Design (Schematic, Layout)
  • Design for Procurement
  • Design for Cost Reduction
  • Motor Controllers
    • BLDC
    • DC
    • Stepper
  • Video
    • Whole stack from CMOS sensor to video out
    • MIPI
    • HDMI
  • Power Supplies
  • Optical Sensing
  • Digital Logic
    • MCU
    • CPU
    • FPGA
  • Audio
    • Microphones
    • Amplifiers
    • Speakers
  • Firmware
    • C
    • Verilog
    • Linux BSP
    • FreeRTOS
    • Control Algorithms
  • Cable Design

Software Software

  • Server and Backend
    • Node JS
    • Python
    • Chat GPT
    • SQL
  • System Software
    • C/C++ over Linux or Windows
    • Linux internals and BSP
    • Python
    • ROS
  • GUI
    • C#
    • Qt
  • Applications for Android

We specialize in Specialize

  • Life Sciences Products
    • Electronics for DNA sequencers
    • Optical Systems
    • Firmware
    • Software
  • Robotics Products
    • Cameras
    • Optical Sensors
    • Accelerometers
    • Sensor interfaces
  • Manufacturing
    • Test fixtures
    • Our associated factories build equipment
  • Design for Power
    • Battery management Systems
    • Battery chargers and cell balancing
  • DFX
    • Design for Low Cost
    • Design for Manufacture
    • Design for Supply Chain
    • Design for Test

Some of our



Our team is developing the control, monitoring and diagnosis modules of one of the PacBio sequencing machines through modular user interfaces and APIs.
Thermo Fisher GS3000

Thermo Fisher GS3000

PowerBeam redesigned all the PCBAs of the Thermo Fisher GCS3000 and wrote firmware to make the new boards work.
BioCeryx PCR Analyzer

BioCeryx PCR Analyzer

PowerBeam participated in firmware, software and electronics development of BioCeryx's PCR automated solution.
Lyft Amp

Lyft Amp

When you see the Lyft Amp, you are seeing PowerBeam hardware engineering. We worked on the most recent upgrade (and made the charging work better).
Auris Video Capture Board

Auris Video Capture Board

PowerBeam designed the video capture for the Auris surgical robot. We do a lot of video work because most robots require it.
Deep Sentinel Wireless Security Camera

Deep Sentinel Wireless Security Camera

Deep Sentinel's high density, compact, multi- board wireless camera layout.
Velo3D Metal 3D printer

Velo3D Metal 3D printer

Electronic boards inside Velo's printers were designed and reccurently updated by our team of EEs.
Tortoise Wagon CDMX2.2

Tortoise Wagon CDMX2.2

CDMX 2.2 is a four wheeled electrical vehicle, suited for remote control deliveries and mobile smart stores. Its cameras provide feedback, through the internet, to a tele-operator allowing it to navigate on diverse environments.

About Us

PowerBeam employs 13 engineers in California and Mexico. The engineers work in board-level electronics, firmware, and software. We write the entire software stack from the drivers to the cloud.

David Graham founded PowerBeam in 2014. He has 35 years of experience as an engineer, including stints at both Microsoft and National Semiconductor. He is a graduate of Harvard University. He holds 6 patents and cofounded 2 startups.

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