What we do

We engineer advanced products

Software: Firmware, drivers, BSP for Linux, Windows, RTOS. Application software for video and robotics.

Hardware: Everything from layout of a simple 4-layer board to turnkey of a 16 layer PCIe Board with a lot of high-speed and other challenges.

Specialties: Video, Optoelectronic systems (lasers, LEDs, photodiodes, waveguides), Robotics

Schematic Checker

PowerBeam created this schematic checker for internal use, and now we are opening it up to the community. Please suggest common schematic design errors and tell us how to improve it.

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Video FPGA Board

Designed a video FPGA board for Auris Surgical Robotics.

Kintex 7 FPGA with high speed video circuitry.

  • PCIe card format
  • 16 layers
  • PowerBeam also wrote the Linux Drivers and a viewing app
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Iris Scanning Cameras and Illuminator

In airports around the world your irises may be scanned by one of these. PowerBeam designed 2 illuminators and 2 cameras for both the stationary and the handheld iris-scanning products for AOptix, now Tascent. Most interesting design feature is the use of a liquid lens as autofocus in the handheld irirs-scanner.

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Touch Chip Emulator

Wrote the firmware simulator for a new LTDI touch sensing chip from Synaptics. Cycle accurate, including high-speed data interconnect. Written in C++ for execution speed, but interacted with some Verilog modules.