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PowerBeam is a components vender that caters to the Consumer and Industrial Electronics Industries.  We sell the components that enable wireless electricity transfer to OEMs and ODMs around the world. PowerBeam was founded in December of 2006 with one goal in mind - power the next generation of all devices completely wireless; thus truly freeing the world from the restrictions of wires.  It is with this goal in mind that PowerBeam has developed the most modern technological advancements in the history of the wireless age. PowerBeam Inc. is a VC backed, privately held company based in Sunnyvale, Ca.


Powerful trends often have very unintended consequences.  When investors poured money into semi-conductors, no one did it thinking the end result would be the Internet.  But, that is where most of the value was created.  Likewise, no one thought that investing in optical lasers and photovoltaics would create a wireless power system.  But it did, and this is the main reason why PowerBeam was started.    


While working at Poa Sana, David Graham had an eye on laser diodes and he monitored the state of the art of the technology.  At the time, one diode could only output milliwatts of power.  Then, very quickly, the power output of one diode jumped to watts.  In fact, the rate of growth was actually faster than Moore’s Law. 

Today the state of the technology is 8 watts per diode.  This drastic increase was a result of serious investment in the Telecommunication Industry.  At the same time, heavy investment in photovoltaics, due to the Solar Industry, made the transition of light into electricity very efficient.  And, just like with most technology, the costs of both came down.    

These two ingredients are the raw materials for transferring power without wires.  Now that power and efficiencies had increased, all at a reasonable costs, David felt the time had come to see if this could be used in a consumer environment.

While looking into safety requirements he learned that, based on FDA regulatory limits, it was possible to do this as long as there was a safety system.  Much to his surprise, no one has filed any patents on such a safety system.  He quickly filed all the necessary patents and launched the company.

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