Areas of Expertise


Hardware, Firmware, Software. 
We design about 1 camera every 18 months.

Lasers and Optoelectronics

If light goes into or comes out of your product, we can usually help.  We work on a lot of bioimaging and free space optics.


We are usually working on 2-3 robots at a time.  In the last year we have worked on surgical robots, metal-printing robots, and DNA sequencing automation.  Software and electronics.




Little devices.  Power Constraints.  WiFi, Bluetooth, ZIgbee.

Electronic Design

Starting from brainstorming or a formal specification, we can help along the entire electronic design process; including component selection, schematic design, layout and bring up, to ensure excellent system operation and low fabrication cost.


Firmware over bare metal, RTOS, or Linux.


C, C++ and Python, Qt, specialists in video and robotics.

Project Management

We can keep your project on schedule and on cost.

Let’s discuss your project right now.

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